About Clay Modeling Workshops

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 Modeling clay is a flexible material that can be sculpted and molded into pretty much anything that comes to mind, such as vases, bowls and frames. And, you don't need a potter's wheel to create elaborate masterful designs.

Learn how to create beautiful handmade display and functional use items out of clay utilizing a variety of tools and different hand-building techniques. Our workshops use clay slabs as the foundation for constructing finished pieces. Once the clay becomes 'leather-hard', they are ready to assemble and embellish. Each workshop introduces different decorating methods allowing you to personalize your projects and gain new skills. You'll even brush on colorful glazes to give your projects depth, character and a glossy finished look.

Clay Modeling Workshops

Coffee Table Box

Keep everything in one place in this decorative centerpiece. Great place to set remote, pens and notepads. Create this sturdy box with decorative cutouts used to embellish the ends of the box, or try the lattice pattern.

Bathroom Trio

Hand build a simple cup, soap dish and tooth brush holder perfect for any powder room. This wrap style technique is easy to master and you can personalize it with your own colors and theme.

Tea Light Shade & Holders

Illuminate your space with this beautiful tea light shade and holder set. Or change up the design and make the shade fit a candle jar top instead.

Trivet & Spoon Rest

In this workshop you will learn how to hand make a spoon rest from wet clay. You will also learn how to transfer a design from paper to dried greenware which you will emboss to make a trivet and second spoon rest.


Learn how to use a slab roller to roll out clay slabs which you will use to make a handmade cross. To create your cross, you will design a paper template to use as a guide. Use coils and clay pieces to decorate your cross.

Serving Bowl

Learn what it takes to create this rustic looking serving bowl. First, you'll use clay rollers to imprint a design on a clay slab. Then you'll build up the bowl, and finish it off with an accent piece to cover the seam.

Coming Soon! Autumn Chimes

These colorful autumn leaf chimes will brighten up the décor of any room. This project truly shouts 'handmade.' Not only will you hand cut and hand paint every leaf, you will do all the string work yourself, too.

Coming Soon! Home Sweet Home

Coming Soon! Mini Jewel Boxes

Coming Soon! Mini Bowls

Coming Soon! Keepsake Box

Keep your treasured mementos tucked away inside this elegant keepsake box. We will use a special technique to create the intricate texture of this precious piece