About Paint-Your-Own Pottery Workshops

paint your own pottery stencils inspire create designer liner tips tricks kiln fire handmade design

Pick a piece of unfinished pottery and allow the little artist in you come alive! We have everything you need - stencils, brushes, stamps, silk screens and more - to fuel your creativity and inspire unique design ideas. The possibilities are endless!

You will start each workshop by selecting an unfinished piece of ceramic pottery, then you'll plan the perfect design and paint your piece to perfection. Once painted, and if time permits, you will finish off your projects by applying a special clear glaze to get them ready for firing in the kiln. 

Each workshop begins with an optional "tips, tricks, and techniques" exercise.* Using a blank tile as your canvas, we’ll focus on one or two decorating methods to help inspire your designs, and get you warmed up before completing your selected pottery piece. 

Hand-painted pottery is not recommended for use in the microwave or dishwasher. We recommend you handwash and care for your pottery as you would any fine hand-painted pottery.

Workshop prices are based on the cost of the selected piece of pottery plus $5 for the "tips, tricks, and techniques" exercise which covers the costs of materials used. 

See our Pottery Bisque Gallery to view our complete inventory of unfinished ceramics.

Paint-Your-Own Pottery Workshops

Raise Your Glass

paint your own pottery margarita glass wine glass beer mug toast raise your glass workshop

A toast is a ritual in which people raise their glasses to honor a person or event. Personalize two pieces of glassware - one to keep for yourself and one to share. Select from coffee and beer mugs, or margarita and wine glasses.

Teapot Party

Calling all tea drinkers!  Learn how to create a simple whimsical patchwork design on a teapot that you can use to brew up your favorite teas, or use it as a decorative mantel piece. Coffee drinkers welcome too.  :)

Bank On This

Need somewhere to hold all that extra change? Think outside the box (or bank) to come up with a novel design for your money holder. All kinds of banks to choose from, large and small.

Cookie Jar

It's a good thing this giant cookie jar can hold dozens of cookies, cuz it's no secret everyone loves cookies!  Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, coconut macaroons...what's your favorite?

Chips 'n Dip

To dip or NOT to dip?"  Does it really matter? Just fill this southwestern themed chip 'n dip platter up with some yummy dip and surround it with your favorite crunchy snack, and it's game time!  

Popcorn/Serving Bowl

Show this bowl off at your next group get-together.  Its the perfect size for tossed salad, or for serving chips and pretzels.  Or, better yet, fill it up with popcorn for your next family movie night.

Keepsake Boxes

A keepsake box is a place where you can store your precious trinkets, treasures, and memories for a new baby, wedding, or other special life moment. Personalize one for yourself or a loved one. We have several styles available.


The technique used here renders beautiful eye-catching results. Learn how to create this stunning platter which you can use at your next get-together to serve up your favorite dishes.


Keep calm and carry coffee in your very own hand painted travel tumbler. Give your cup a personal message to let everyone know how serious you are about your brew. Tea drinkers welcome too. ;)


Our Pick-Your-Own-Piece option allows you to customize your workshop. We can either bring an assortment of pottery onsite for you to choose from, or have your guests pick out the pieces they want to paint ahead of time.  See our Pottery Bisque Gallery to see our large collection of unfinished pieces to choose from.